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Welcome to Bismarck Brewing

Local Craft Beer & Brewing Company in Bismarck, ND

The craft beer revolution is in full swing and we strive to bring great beers to North Dakota. North Dakota has the best ingredients to make superior beer.  At Bismarck Brewing we strive to brew a product true to the historical nature of the beer where drinkability, consistency, and freshness are paramount.  We invite you to our unique taproom to experience why beer is truly our element.


At Bismarck Brewing we honor the tradition of “classic” beer, the beer styles that people have been brewing for centuries. These beer styles have history and a story as to why they taste the way that they do.  For us, that story relates to the ingredients we use. All of the base malt in our beer comes from Two Tracks, a maltster in Lincoln, ND. Two Tracks sources their barley from a farm in Goodrich, ND. Our specialty malts come from Minnesota and a few exotic malts come from South America & Europe. We use a variety of hops from Yakima Valley, Washington and also source a few from Germany/Austria & South Africa. Our beer menu is contantly changing and we invite you to come experience what is new.


Our taproom is unique with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to enjoy handcrafted beer. The attached restaurant, Ale Works, features an eclectic mix of beer-centric food.  If you are just looking to come and enjoy a beer with your friends without all the electronic distractions, walk back into a simpler time at Bismarck Brewing. Our motif supports conversation & dialogue among friends, quite similar to the great beer halls of Europe. We love sports but we are not a sports bar.




Like many celebrated things in life, Bismarck Brewery began in a garage.  We’ve come a long way since then, but our inspiration remains the same – to celebrate life through great beer.  Our goal is to promote a brewery culture where folks come in to meet friends and family and share a pint or two of awesome beer.


Find Your Element. Visit Bismarck Brewing.

Bismarck Brewing